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About Erica's Show

There’s a woman driving around town right now, overwhelmed by the things that are waiting for her to do at home, and the things that she left at the office. She could use a nap, a pedicure, a friend who will listen to her vent a little and understand, and a large, lite latte to go.

She will probably pull into her garage without any of these things.

I have designed “Looking Up” for this precious woman. When you’re busy or you’re going through a hard time, it’s easy to lose focus. I strive to offer hope and a fresh perspective without trying to sound like I’ve got it all together myself...because I don’t!

My goal is for your listener to turn up the volume on her car radio when she hears “Looking Up,” and that she will feel understood, inspired, relieved, lighter in spirit, or all of the above.

It’s why this show exists...

For her.

How Erica Connects

She’s a storyteller

Growing up in an Italian family, Erica learned early on to love a good story. All it takes is a table with relatives stretched from end to end, and the stories start multiplying like meatballs in your grandma’s kitchen.

Erica spins relatable yarns about her family, friends, and everyday experiences. She understands that stories connect human beings to other human beings… and that God is in the thread.

She’s a wife and mom

Erica is the mom who’s picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner at 4:00 in the afternoon. Her kids have places to be, like baseball practice, and singing lessons, and she’s got to drive them there. Erica understands the busy life your listeners are living because she’s living it.

For the last 16 years, Erica’s husband Will has been encouraging her to spread her wings and fly, and given her the freedom to pursue her dreams. They have two amazing children, Hannah, 14, who is known for her beautiful singing voice and stunning red hair, and Josh, 12, who is a huge sports fan and comic strip artist. Erica often draws on the funny, beautiful, and crazy adventures they all experience as a family.

She’s a friend

Erica is committed to being authentic and transparent, which builds relationships with listeners.

She’s an encourager

Erica connects with people. Your listeners will see themselves in her stories. Erica has a passion for seeing God in the daily grind, and hope in unexpected places.

She’s an entertainer

Erica consistently delivers content designed to engage your listeners and put a smile on their faces.

Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

The first time she taught a large group of children at church, Erica juggled a goldfish in a bowl and a microphone, all for the sake of an object lesson. For countless Sundays after that, Erica communicated God’s love through a microphone, connecting with hundreds of kids and adults alike at Calvary Church in Charlotte, N.C. These experiences sharpened Erica’s storytelling skills and got her comfortable with the idea of talking into a microphone.

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Erica was sitting cross-legged in the midst of a sea of toddler toys, when she saw an ad for freelance writers in a local Christian newspaper. She began writing human interest articles for “The Charlotte World,” and her work often appeared as front page features. Erica learned how to ask the right questions when talking to her city’s movers and shakers in the sports, political, and entertainment worlds, which prepared her for interviewing guests on the radio.

Radio Personality

Radio Personality

Erica will never forget seeing WRCM, her favorite radio station, on her caller ID. It was March of 2004, and Gary Morland was inviting her to come in and talk about her newspaper articles on his morning show. The moment Erica sat behind the microphone, her heart came alive… and she knew radio was her calling.
Several years later, WRCM began searching for a new morning show co-host and Erica was given a rare opportunity to be mentored by Gary Morland. She was hired in 2009, and for the next four years, successfully co-hosted the Eric and Erica Show with Eric Calhoun, which aired first on WRCM and later on their sister station, WMHK Columbia, S.C., and the WORD FM network in Sellersville, PA.

It's not little things it's everything.

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